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In Harmony, Small Things Continue To Grow

The Xaverian Brothers are a community of consecrated laymen who, as religious Brothers, participate in the evangelization of the Roman Catholic Church.

The congregation was founded in Belgium by Theodore James Ryken in 1839. During this time, the Brothers were called to be missionaries. The Brothers began their mission in the United States in 1854, later founding the first Xavier Brother Sponsored School, Saint Xavier High School, in 1864.

Xaverian Brothers Logo (XBSS)


The Xaverian Brothers’ mission is to help others recognize their individuality through their ministry, especially among the impoverished and the disadvantaged, so they can “share the love of God with the world through their giftedness.”

Today, there are Brothers living in the United States, Belgium, Haiti, and Africa. The Brothers took on God’s call to Africa over 80 years ago. Since then, they have opened The Ryken Centre for Hope in Kenya, which houses orphaned boys from ages 8-14. In 2018, the Brothers opened Saint Xavier High School, an all-boys high school in Bungoma, Kenya, along with many other schools and teaching programs.

The Brothers travel to areas in need as a missionary congregation and collaborate with the local populace to help the area regain stability.

General Superior Br. Dan Skala and member of the General Council. (XBSS)

In 1972, Br. Mike Foley C.F.X. accepted this call to the ministry. He relocated to what is now known as South Sudan from the United States. There was a lot of racial inequality there at the time, as well as a lack of education, and still is to this day. To strengthen the community and its inhabitants, Br. Mike established a number of educational initiatives and teacher preparation programs. Overall, this is what the Brothers are called to do as a missionary congregation.

Today, many Sudanese refugees who are fleeing war and violence are migrating to South Sudan. Brothers in South Sudan, such as Brother Bernard Mujibi, C.F.X., are assisting refugees in adapting to the difficulties they are facing.

In addition to the missionary work in South Sudan, Brothers within Nadapal have begun supporting Saint Patrick’s Boys Secondary School. As a congregation surrounded by education, the Brothers continue to uplift many communities in regions in central and Eastern Africa through education.

On the borders of Port-au-Prince, Joseph Ngoie, Vincent Ilunga, and Adolph Kabulo are Brothers who manage Sant Zaveryen. This initiative offers housing for young men attending neighboring universities and professional schools. At St. Gabriel School in Fontaine, Haiti, Brother Bill Griffin, a native of the United States, teaches English to more than 300 students as a second, third, or fourth language. An alumnus of Sant Zaveryen created St. Gabriel’s.

“Many come, many go” – Br. Louis Carmel, C.F.X.

Every year, four to five Brothers enter the candidacy program of the congregation. Within the past few years, Brothers have joined The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Kenya. Just as Brothers join every year, many Brothers also leave the congregation. Joining the Xaverian Brothers is a huge calling, and many realize that it may not be for them.

The Xaverian Brothers, as a congregation, are still alive and are still doing great things. As we continue to learn from them, may we always remember to “give the gift we have received.”

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