Survival Guide to Midterms

It’s about time to start looking over old tests and quizzes because midterms are starting up at 9 a.m. on December 17th. The worst mistake to make is underestimating the difficulty and length of these winter exams. Proper preparation takes calculated time and effort, so where do we begin?


Personally, I start by figuring out my priorities. If I have a 99 in Geometry and a 91 in World Geography I would focus my efforts on getting the A in World Geography rather than padding my Math grade. Remember, an A is still an A, and an  A+ is still an A. Anything from a 92-100% will be worth the same amount of GPA credit, so I would focus on reaching that 92% in any class that I can.


The most important aspect of preparing for final exams begins with previously taken tests and quizzes. Since the midterm exam only covers what has been previously tested on, teachers will most definitely reuse questions for the exam straight from their old tests. Studying old tests and review guides from the course will help the most because of the large amount of questions the teachers take word for word from previous tests and quizzes from that semester.


Quizlet and Edpuzzle are great apps for reviewing terms and learning definitions. Being prepared for winter exams requires a lot of repetition and studying time, so apps like these make the process much easier. Don’t be that guy who wastes his time in class playing Madden Mobile who gets stuck cramming for his exams the night before. It’s important to start studying a few weeks in advance to stay refreshed on the information without being pressured by test dates.


You must know your strengths and weaknesses to manage your time accordingly. The exam is essentially a reflection of the semester’s tests, so find out what you didn’t know the first time and ace that exam!


Dates and Periods

Dec. 17th—A & H Period

Dec. 18th—B & G Period

Dec. 19th—C & F Period

Dec. 20th—D & E Period